Saad Haroon Presents Don’t Worry, Be Pakistani stand-up comedy show

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Saad Haroon is a Pakistani stand-up comedian, improviser, director, scriptwriter and producer.

He is a famous person who created Pakistan’s first improvisational comedy group, 10 years ago. He started his career as a comedian with Blackfish comedy group.

Now Saad Haroon will present his newest set of laughs in his brand new stand up comedy show “Don’t Worry, Be Pakistani”. He is presenting this comedy set celebrating 10 years in comedy.


Saad Haroon will present his thought provoking and friendly show in Karachi. CityFM89 is Exclusive Radio Media Partner for the event.

The venue where the show, “Don’t Worry, Be Pakistani” of founder of Blackfish, will be held is following.

Pakistan American Cultural Center, 11 Fatima Jinnah Road, Karachi.

Earlier, show was expected to start on the 18th and will remain till 3rd February.

Due to the current conditions of the city, the dates of show have been postponed. Now the current dates of the show are 21st January to 5th February. Tickets for the show can be taken from McDonalds outlets.

If anyone has tickets according to the old schedule, the tickets will be accommodated to the latest schedule.

In an interview Saad Haroon shared with the dawn news, his experiences as a stand-up comedian. He discussed the reaction of the audience and aims of his life.

Here are the videos available containing  an interview of Saad Haroon  with Dawn news.

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