Song of change: Jawad Ahmed sings to bring change for Pakistani labourers

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Famous Pakistani singer Jawad Ahmed with the collaboration of Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER) had organised a concert.

This event was especially for those families who had lost their loved ones in the blaze that overwhelmed the Ali Enterprises garment factory on September 11, 2012.

Jawad Ahmed had compiled a song with the title of ‘Pukaar’ for the factory fire victims.

This event was a wakeup call for the labourers. There were pictures of labourers rather than posters of stars. Everybody in the ground stood silently when Jawad Ahmed started to sing. He sang the new song for five minutes.
He asked the labourers to stand united. He said there are so many political parties who are only disputing on their own issues.

There is no one to support and protect the labourers. There is no leader to provide the rights of labourers on the equality basis.

“We will bring a revolution through this song which will change the lives of labourers for the better,” he said.

“There are many problems plaguing their lives and they can only be addressed if all of them stand united.”
via The Express Tribune

Only labourers’ protection is possible with the change that can be brought with their efforts and collaboration. Before dedicating the song to labourers he said, that change can never come until they realise its importance and stand up for their protection and rights.

Last year so many Pakistani labourers had lost their lives in the burning incidents in Karachi and Lahore. No protection remedy for the workers has been planned yet.

Jawad Ahmed said that he would perform his song in other industrial cities of Pakistan.

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