Hasti Basti of The Others a song of youngsters [video]

- Pakistani

The Others is Pakistan youngest rockers’ band comprising of 17-year-old Zoya Uzair (vocalist) and her 11-year-old brother Ali Sultan (drummer). Two years ago, the talented youngsters made their debut as a band at the young music competition.

This brother and sister have opened the band for leading artists such as Ali Azmat Strings, Atif Aslam, Jal, Symt, Call, Noori etc.

Finally, the band came out with its first single song Hasti Basti.


The song Hasti Basti is a tribute to the grandfather of Zoya Uzair and Ali Sultan. Their grandfather Bashir Ahmed Bashir was a writer and poet who passed away two years ago. He mostly wrote ghazals and poetry.

The track Hasti Basti aims to show a different and softer side of the band with the feeling that everything should have a deep meaning.

The basic concept of the band The Others is to mix eastern and western tunes but with this track, the band aims to do something different from what they have been doing so far.

Hasti Basti is their first track in Urdu. Zoya told that she is more comfortable singing in English and says the transition to Urdu seemed expected as the Pakistani market never really succeeded in English.


Through this song both Zoya and Ali wanted to leave an impact on peoples’ mind that’s why they have selected their great grandfather’s poetry.

The song contains a deep meaning. The poem is about losing a loved person and the feelings associated with that loss.

Zoya’s younger brother Ali Sultan recites the lyrics in the middle. Both the sister and brother said that they recite the poetry to provide clear understanding between the music and poetry.

Bilal Muneer, gave his guitar skills and Akmal Jafri played the flute for the single Hasti Basti. Hansti Basti was composed by Naseem Abbas. The band’s future plans consist of releasing more original songs.

Zoya said that their next song would be expected within next two months that would be a mixture of eastern and western sounds and it would be about education. They have the plan to perform live throughout the country.

The video of the song Hasti Basti is below.

Hansti Basti by The Others from The Others Pakistan on Vimeo.