Foggy and cold weather in Pakistan breaks past records [pictures]

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Normally the winter season is considered a season of feast and joy in Pakistan. This winter has brought a strange phenomenon in recent weeks. So much fog and cold is in Pakistan from last few weeks.

This time around, the 50-year cold records in the Punjab plains are broken.

On Monday, the Motorway was closed from Islamabad to Kalar Kahar around 07:00pm as thick fog had covered the federal capital and adjoining areas on Monday.

Meanwhile, routine life in Rawalpindi division and some other divisions had stopped because of dense fog and cold wave, hitting road, rail and air traffic badly. The minimum temperature in the city was recorded 0 degree and maximum temperature was 12.

Traffic routes and routine life works have been disturbed because of foggy and cold weather. The authorities closed down Benazir Bhutto International Islamabad Airport (BBIIAP) for the flights and some flights have been delayed.

The dealers of wooden fuel and coals increased the prices of the commodities, taking advantage of the worried situation that is causing immense troubles for the citizens.

Tens of thousands of school, college and university students, office goers, laborers and people belong to other walks of life also facing problems due to fog and bone sizzling cold in the morning.

The business of soup, dry fruits, tea, pakora samosas and coffee got momentum in the city as huge rush of people could be witnessed around the shops. Unfortunately these shopkeepers are offering huge rates to the costumers.

With the severe conditions of weather Pakistanis are facing a big problem because of unavailability of gas for domestic work as well as there is shortage of CNG for transport.

Here are some current pictures of foggy and cold weather of Pakistan.

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