Soosan Feroz first female rapper of Afghanistan

- Pakistani

Soosan Feroz is the 23-year-old girl.  She is first female rapper of Afghanistan. Her lyrics are familiar for many of her fellow countrywomen. She raps of rape, that Afghan women have suffered during decades of war in a country gripped by poverty.

Her rap songs are about the suffering of women in her country, the troubles of the war that people have tolerated.

Soosan Feroz says her life is filled with bitterness, memories of war, bombing and a life at refugee camps in neighbouring countries, Iran and Pakistan.

In 1990s, she was taken to Pakistan as a child by her parents and later to Iran to escape from the war and in 2011 she returned home with her family.

She worked as a carpet weaver with her other siblings for a living until she discovered her new talent of rap songs.

She says that her rap songs are about the sufferings of women of her country who have tolerated there and about the murders of the war.

She says that rap songs have become a way for many artists to express daily hardships in their lives. In her first recorded music, she recalls her miseries at Iranian refugee camps.

Millions of Afghans still live in Iran and Pakistan. Pakistan and Iran hosted about seven million refugees after the former Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979.

Soosan Feroz was too young to remember the battles of the 1980s between the Russian soldiers and freedom fighters known as mujahedin but her first song is full of war tales.

Every year thousands of Afghans put their lives on the line to reach Europe through dangerous and illegal routes on land and sea.

P12-130107-secAfghan pop star Farid Rastagar has offered to help the young artist to release an album, the first song of which will be released in January.

One of the songs is called “Naqisul Aql” which can be translated as “deficient-in-mind” – a common belief about women among Afghan men.

“In this rap, she sings about the miseries of the women in Afghanistan, about abuses and wrong beliefs that still exist about women.”
via The Express Tribune

Afghan women have made some progress but many still suffer terrible abuse including ‘honour killings.”

Soosan Feroz is daughter of a civil servant and her mother is an illiterate house wife. Her parents allow their daughter to sing and their relatives and other people became their enimies for thieir permission.

Soosan Feroz’s uncles and their families have rejected her, when her first song was released on internet. They accused her of bringing shame on them. Some anonymous callers have threatened to kill her.

Her father, Abdul Ghafaar Feroz, who says he prides himself on being her “personal secretary”.

“I’m not deterred,” Feroz said, her father nodding his head in agreement. “Somebody had to start this, I did and I don’t regret it and I will continue. I want to be the voice of women in my country.”
via The Express Tribune