Shiraz Uppal has returned back to music industry

- Pakistani

Pakistani musician Shiraz Uppal has got great fame with his melodious voice; his songs such as ‘Tera Te Mera, Mann Ja Ve’ and ‘Roya Re’ were frequently played on music and radio channels.

So last year in March, when Uppal quit the music scene, his fans and music lovers were shocked that after the exit of stars like Junaid Jamshed, Najam Sheraz and Ali Haider from the music scene, another talented artist would no longer be seen with music.

Now here’s thrilling news for music lovers that Shiraz Uppal has returned to the music world and will be delivering soul-searching music once again. He said that music is his passion and he wanted to continue it.

Shiraz had a state of the art audio studio in Lahore called S.U Studios where he used to compose, produce, record, mix and master all of his songs and those of the others as well including Atif Aslam, Noori, Zeb and Haniya, Jal, Amanat Ali, Fariha Pervez and many more. He sold that in a short period of time.

He shared his current experience that he was in America and he received a call from AR Rahman, who asked him to participate in the One World Peace concert in October 2012.

Shiraz Uppal and AR Rahman sung two qawwalis, Kun Faya Kun and Khwaja Meray Paas in a 10 minute set. It was at this concert that Shiraz Uppal realised the power music has in promoting humanity.

He said that he realised that God has gifted him with music to communicate with people. His songs were used to deliver a message of peace and love.

Following the World Peace Concert, Shiraz Uppal returned from the US. He has made set up for his studio again as he has several projects in the pipeline and most important of them is his personal album.

He said that he has to come up with his new album as there is a lot of music inside. He did not mention his schedule to release his album. He clarified that that his doors are now open and he will be producing music as well.