Junaid Khan of Swabi became world class cricketer with the guidance of Wasim Akram

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The most impressive among the Pakistani pacers who made life difficult for Indian batsmen, Junaid Khan belongs from Swabi district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan.

Junaid Khan 23 years old Swabi boy, is the first player from Swabi to qualify for the Pakistan national cricket team whose performance spread the waves of happiness among Pakistanis.

Junaid Khan is a simple, hard-working and intelligent bowler who has a plan and knows how to execute it.

His desire, dream, passion and hard work enabled him to be a World Class cricketer.

After an injury to Sohail Tanvir on the eve of the 2011 World Cup, Junaid Khan was called up as his replacement, with no experience in international cricket.

He did not play in the tournament, and later made his ODI debut in April 2011. In June that year Junaid Khan represented Lancashire County Cricket Club in English domestic cricket.

The admirable performance of pacer Junaid Khan made Pakistan shine. Pakistan has a history of producing world class talent.

Junaid Khan revealed that the legendary Wasim Akram’s inputs helped him get eight wickets in the three-match ODI series.

Junaid_KhanIn an interview Junaid Khan said “I have always looked up to Imran Khan and I still follow him. But now I interact much more with Wasim Bhai in terms of my bowling.

Former Pakistani player Wasim Akram said, Junaid Khan reminds me of myself.

“I have been a bowler who has relied on bowling out swingers consistently at a good pace. It was Wasim bhai (Akram) who told me to develop the incoming delivery which would be my weapon against the Indian right-handers,” the 23-year-old Junaid Khan told.
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He said he would like to play as a Pakistani cricketer as along as possible. If anyone has the ability to move the ball consistently at a decent pace, he can create trouble in batsmen’s mind.