Mehreen Jabbar highlights the lives of Pakistani people with Coke Kahani

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Mehreen Jabbar is a famous personality of Pakistan showbiz industry. She is daughter of renowned writer Javed Jabbar. She likes to tell stories about Pakistan.

She has directed some drama serials such as ‘Doraha, Daam’ and ‘Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu’ and the award-winning lyrical film Ramchand Pakistani.Direction of drama serial Coke Kahani is her latest project that is currently airing on TV.

Now Mehreen Jabbar is settled in New York but she grew up in Pakistan and she used to go to school and college in Pakistan. She loves to tell the stories about Pakistan.

Despite living abroad, this director has a special bond with her country. She is so much attached with Pakistan and Pakistani culture. She feels Pakistanis have so much potential and talent for innovative and exciting projects. Her love for Pakistan flickers in almost all of her work.

Mehreen Jabbar feels the world is changing fast and family traditions have collapsed, through ‘Coke Kahani’, the team has made an attempt to show these developments on screen. Drama serial ‘Coke Kahani’ can be said a story of family values.

She saw commitment from both the production team and the brand, to come up with something substantial, different and experimental.

Drama serial ‘Coke Kahani’ attempts to highlight several themes and messages dealing with Pakistani society. It mainly concerns with youth and old generation.

With the concern of youth, ‘Coke Kahani’ deals with internal frustrations and anger. The serial reflects the picture that how young people deal with their parents’ divorce and their desire to bring a change to society when they aren’t able to.

The other major concern is with the older generation and their issues of finding meaning in their existence.

safe_image (2)These are very real and current issues of our society. There is need of guidance to tackle these issues but most dramas don’t give attention on these issues as much as they need to. In the serial numerous characters and location can be seen.

The director of “Coke Kahani” Mehreen Jabbar is content with the response of viewers about the drama and is patiently waiting to see how the audience reacts in the future.

Mehreen Jabbar said the serial contains some issues which hadn’t been shown on Pakistani television before. This serial might not be having fun but it contains a lot to say in duration of an episode. This is a different serial from others.

In Pakistan, there is still an audience who wants to view thoughtful, insightful and powerful stories based on reality.