Highlights of Pakistani dramas in 2012

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Pakistani showbiz industry remains prosperous in successful drama productions and acting from the old days of Pakistani Television (PTV) to the recent times of private channels. Television has proved as an immense quality amusement for the viewers.

In 2012 so many wonderful dramas has been seen and remained hit among the viewers.

Here is a list of some of the drama serials that deserve the honour for making 2012 the entertaining year.




Humsafar remained super hit drama among Pakistani viewers. It started in the last quarter of 2011 and went on until March 2012. This drama serial became so popular that it got major ratings from everywhere in the world.

The serial Humsafar was written by Farhat Ishtiaq and directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat.

Drama serial Humsafar was a story about a forced arranged marriage which turned into a romantic relationship between the couple only to be cruelly destroyed later.

Sarmad Khoosat’s classic direction and the way he merged the words into perfect frames was impeccable. Humsafar was a perfect example of how a simple story can catch the attention of viewers with strong art direction, fantastic acting and wonderful music.



Maat was another popular drama serial of 2012. It was a story of two sisters, Aiman and Saman who belonged to a low income family. Saba Qamar performed the role of Saman, the younger sister who dreamt of making it big in life, was overconfident and materialistic.

Aamina Sheikh acted as Aiman, the older one was compassionate, loving and believed in sacrificing.

The story was written by Umera Ahmed and Aamina Sheikh was the producer. Adnan Siddiqui’s role with the name Faisal as Aiman and Saman’s cousin was also fabulous. The excellent production and performance of the actors made the story more interesting.

Bilquis Kaur


Bushra Ansari played the prominent role in drama serial Bilquis Kaur. Bushra Ansari is the first female actress who made her debut on the comical side of local entertainment. She has been in the entertainment industry for over three decades.
Over the years, she has been perfect in all kinds of roles from those she played in fifty fifty to Neeli Dhoop and to the recently popular Bilquis Kaur.

In Bilquis Kaur, with the role of Billo, Bushra Ansari is shown as a strict, humourless woman who is living in New York since 30 years with her family. She depicted a woman who stood by her traditional beliefs and forced them upon the life of her children. Trouble came when her younger son Sultan (Ahsan Khan) married the bold and confident Soha (Syra Yousuf).

The serial was written by Faiza Iftikhar and directed by Adnan Ahmed. The cast of the drama was included Sadia Imam, Saleem Sheikh, Adnan Jillani, Nadia Afghan, Khalid Ahmed and others. With the powerful performance of Bushra Ansari, the other actors made this play a huge success for the audience. The viewers were used to wait every Sunday to find out more about the performance of Billo and her family.

Durre- Shehwar


In this serial, the story revolved around two couples from different generations exploring the complexities of life, relationships and their share of problems. The cast of the serial included Samina Peerzada, Qavi Khan, Nadia Jamil, Noman Ejaz, Sanam Baloch and others.

This serial is also a writing of Umera Ahmed and Haissam Hussein directed the serial with beautiful depiction about complexities of married life be it in today’s urban setting or yesterday’s traditional times. The serial showed how certain issues are common in every relationship. It also depicted how a woman can play powerful role with patience and determination.


Shehr-e-Zaat was another super hit serial of 2012. After Humsafar, Mahira Khan was back on screen with her beauty and charm. This time she appeared as Falak in a production called Shehr-e-Zaat. Falak was a beautiful yet unsympathetic character who was shown to be self-centered.

Director Sarmad Sultan Khoosat was clear in what he wanted out of Falak’s character, others character and settings. Mahira Khan (Falak) performed her role as a selfish young girl who was head over heals for Salman Anser (Mikeal) and later as a helpless, dejected woman looking for the help of Allah and guidance in her life.

Umera Ahmed’ writing gave the audience another master piece which made many people to think about the importance of morality and humility in their lives.

Mora Piya

In drama serial Mora Piya Aamina Sheikh and Adeel Hussain performed the lead roles and brilliantly managed the attention of the viewers. They shined in the whole serial with their performance as a couple in love whose lives were hit by a tragic incident.

Zard Mausam


The story of drama serial Zard Mausam was about a girl whose life changed after her mother’s death and her step mother (Sania Saeed), who was the actually the first wife of her father (Faisal Rehman), mistreated her and made her life miserable.

Sania Saeed in the step-mother’s role got the attention of viewers and hatred she portrayed along with other dimensions of her character.

Mera Yaqeen


The drama serial Mera Yaqeen leaves a powerful message: if you believe in God things can turn in your favour, you just need to consistent with a strong faith.

Asfand (Faisal Qureshi) and Maha (Savera Nadeem) is a happily married couple whose lives take a turn for the worse when Maha met with an accident and was left paralysed. She then forced her husband to get remarried to her friend Nazish (Nimra Bucha) who had been divorced twice already.

Nazish kept the house and children together but the problems started when Maha’s jealousy took over. Actors got viewer’s attention with their excellent performance.

The year came to an end with some great performances and outstanding screen plays, but we still have more to look forward to in the form of Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Kahi un kahi and the upcoming play Mirat-ul-Uroos.

These dramas also depict the societal picture and its impact on people. These serials show the real picture of class difference in present society. Pakistan has been successful providing the quality of Pakistani dramas. Hopefully Pakistani showbiz industry will get more progress in 2013.