NADRA has launched chip based Smart National ID Card SNIC in Pakistan

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The National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) is going to issue chip-based Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) in Pakistan. The CNIC will have more information of the card holder and enhanced security features.

NADRA has taken a smart step with the planning to launch Smart ID Cards (SNIC) for Pakistani people.

With the establishment of Smart National ID Card (SNIC), NADRA is going to introduced IT based art to give an experience of Hi-Tech security solution for protection of people’s identity.


The project of chip based Smart National ID Cards has initiated on August 14 this year as a pilot project and would be completed next year. NADRA’s engineers are being sent to France for training to implement this project. The SNIC would cost Rs80 to per applicant.

Main Features of Smart National ID Card are following:

  • The system will carry out all of the details of the card holder that are related to the past as well.
  • This card will provide security and social convenience to Pakistani people to have an overlook.
  • The Smart National ID Card (SNIC) will be completed with 36 different characteristics.
  • The whole system is computerized as it all the information is filled through technology.
  • For much safety and protection the SNIC will fill the finger prints of the card holder.
  • This system would facilitate the card holder, as the chip would have all the relevant data of the holder, while  could be used for various purposes.
  • The distribution of Pensions will be convenient through this system.