Nabeel Shaukat Ali is winner of grand finale of Sur Kshetra

- Pakistani

Sur Kshetra formed a platform for the versatile musicians of India and Pakistan which allowed the beginners of this art to find a place in the vast music industry of Subcontinent. The musicians of both countries have participated in the competition.

The competition was going on from more than 12 weeks one team had to be declared as winner in the competition.

Nabeel Shaukat Ali, the contestant from Pakistani team, has won the trophy of Sur Kshetra, a singing talent show between India and Pakistan. Grand finale of Sur Kshetra was held at the World Trade Centre in Dubai.

Indian and Pakistani music enthusiasts crowded the venue at the World Trade Centre in Dubai to be part of the grand finale of the reality show Sur Kshetra.

There were six contestants each from teams, three from Pakistan and three from India.

The two last contestants of the teams were Nabeel Shaukat Ali form Lahore and Diljaan from Jalandhar. Both teams performed for 3 hours and at the end Nabeel Shaukat Ali won the competition.

Nabeel Shaukat Ali was awarded with 200,000/- Rs, Suzuki Motorbyce, Touchmet Tablet, Gold Button Jacket, and the beautiful Sur Kshetra Trophy.

Captain of Pakistani team, Atif Aslam praised the performance of Pakistani musician. Pakistani sufi singer and a member of jury in Sur Kshetra Abida Parveen, expressed her views about the show and said, ”The concept of the show is so unique that it can boost affection between Pakistan and India.

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