Christmas Preparations in Pakistan

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Christmas Preparations are in full swing across the world, including Pakistan, to mark the great festival of Christmas. Christmas preparations include house decorations, planning meals, purchase of gifts for dear ones and plan for the parties to be held on Christmas.

Houses and markets are being decorated with colourful lights and flowers. Christmas tree is used to place embroidered with different types of stuffs.

In different countries where Christian community is in majority public holiday is celebrated.

christThe Christmas season had been celebrated in different ways around the world, according to the country and region.
In Pakistan, the Christians are the second largest minority after Hindus. The Christian community had been celebrating Christmas on December 25 with full zeal and dedication.

With the start of December, Christians start to buy Christmas gifts, Christmas trees and cakes. Meanwhile, the administrators of churches are used to finalising arrangements to celebrate the great festival. Churches in this regard were being washed and decorated with ribbons and Christmas trees.

The bakeries were also being decorated with Christmas cakes and many more eatables. Early release of salaries has been an important concern, for purchasing different commodities.

The main gatherings in connection with the Christmas day would be held in different cities of Pakistan including Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta and Peshawar. Different cities of the Punjab province would also celebrate Christmas festival where the community had been living in large numbers.

Dozens of Christian families can be witnessed in Landi Kotal bazaar, buying clothes, shoes and other commodities relating to the Christmas day.