Javeria Abbasi a guest in Utho Jago Pakistan with Dr Shaista Wahidi on Geo TV

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Javeria Abbasi is famous Pakistani model turned to actress. She is the guest in Utho Jago Pakistan with Dr Shaista Wahidi on Geo TV.

In the morning show Javeria Abbasi and Dr Shaista Wahidi discussed a new beginning of a pupil’s life. In the life of human beings so many incidents/changes occur some people became disappoint and some take a new turn/start and change their lives with courage.

Dr Shaista Wahidi explained that it is necessary to take a new start with scratch about any concern of life like education, career, relationship etc. It is preferred than regretting in the whole life and to spend the life with disappointment.

Javeria Abbasi shared her life experience with Dr Shaista Wahidi and the audience in morning show Jago Pakistan Jago.
She expressed there are so many phases in her life. She started from childhood.

She came from a broken family as her parents were separate. She was close with her grandmother. Her mother was divorced when she was studying. Therefore her grandmother brought her up. She said her childhood was so nice and memorable.

She told in the show that in teenage she fell in love with a film actor and producer named Shamoon Abbasi  and got married. She has a daughter. She faced different hurdles for getting marriage because in Pakistani society family marriages are preferred.

She was fond of showbiz and to enter showbiz field she again faced different problems. She said her ex-husband Shamoon Abbasi encouraged and helped her.

She expressed that within in three years she had to face an accident when she was going for shooting. She was on highway when she had an accident. She got so many injuries and her 12 bones fractured in that accident. Doctors said to her that she cannot walk for six months but she stood after two months.

She said there was no street lights on highway and she already request to authorities to arrange street lights there because there is totally darkness. So many accidents occurred there but still there is no arrangement of lights.

She shared that is dangerous place and so many accidents being seemed there. After her accident one accident occurred in which 12 people of a family lost their life. Once again through geo network, she requested to authorities to arrange street lights there. She offered her help.

She also requested for proper system of physiotherapy because it is so expensive. Most of the people cannot afford it and because of lack of availability so many people cannot recover.

Javeria Abbasi is really a courageous woman and her bravery is appreciable. After a major accident she again performed in super dramas and gained a great fame and recognition.

She said that she took much time to be an actress and her colleagues helped her. Chand Py Dastak is her famous drama serial in which she played the character of girl of Hyderabad.

She declared that after 5 years of divorce, she again tied the knot with a Businessman. She met him through a friend and he proposed her and she accepted. Now she is very happy.

She expressed sad news that she came to know a few hours ago Pakistani actress Zhalay Sarhadi’s father has died. Geo network showed condolence to Zhalay Sarhadi’s family.