Javed Sheikh’s son Shahzad Sheikh and daughter Momal Sheikh are guests in Good Morning Pakistan by Ary Digital

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In the morning show Good Morning Pakistan by Ary Digital, hosted by Nida Yasir, son and daughter of Pakistan’s legendary actor Javed Sheikh, TV actor Shahzad and Tv actress Momal are guests.

Javed Sheikh is very popular name in our showbiz industry. He started his career with film industry and also has been seen in comedy and serious serials. Javed Sheikh and his son Shahzad and daughter Momal are being seen while performing different characters.

Shahzad Sheikh is two years elder than Momal Sheikh. Shahzad Sheikh told that he studied acting from New York and he is executing his learning material in practical life, in Pakistan.

Shahzad has been working in showbiz industry from the last two years. Momal Sheikh started her showbiz career from last year December. Shahzad and Momal got great fame and recognition within a short span of time.

The wedding news of Shahzad Sheikh with Hina Mir, who is a lawyer, has been declared. In the morning show Shahzad Sheikh shared dates of his wedding ceremonies that Menhdi ceremony will be celebrated on 26th of December, Baraat and Rukhsati ceremony will be on 28th and on 29th the Walima ceremony will be celebrated.

The wedding ceremony of his cousin Shehroz Sabzwar (son of Behroz Sabzwari) with Syra Yousaf will be celebrated in the same month.

On the response of Nida Yasir’s question, Momal Sheikh said that Shahzad supported her for her love marriage with Nadir.

She expressed that Hina the fiancé of his bother Shahzad, was her school mate. She shared very interesting story. Hina was captain of throw ball game. Momal with her friends wanted to participate in that game but she put them out of the game. Both of them became surprized to see each other and reminded that old story in a very funny manner.

Nida Yasir asked from Shahzad and Momal that how is their relation with their father (Javed Sheikh)? They said their father is like a friend and they have very good relation with their father. He never acted strictly with them.

Nida yasir told them that she shared with their father Javed Sheikh that usually it is seen,  if family separates, it leaves bad effects on children but their son and daughter are very well mannered and he said the credit goes to their mother who brought them nicely. Momal and Shahzad also gave credit to their mother.

They told she remained strong while she was alone. She used to send them to spend time with father. She maintained their strong relationship with their father. She used to send them to participate in family functions that they cannot feel so separate.

In the morning show the Mehndi and Mayun ceremony of Shehzad Sheikh was celebrated with drum beating and according to tradition. In the following video the ceremony can be seen that was held in the Good Morning show.

In the next post viewers can see the pictures of famous celebrities Shehzad Sheikh and Momal Sheikh in the Good Morning Show.

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