The cast of drama serial Talkhiyan and OST

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The drama serial ‘Talkhiyan’is an upcoming serial from Express Entertainment. It is written by Bee Gul and directed by Khalid Ahmed. The producer of this serial is Raziuddin Ahmed.

The cast of drama serial ‘Talkhiyan’ includes Shamim Hilali, Hina Bayat, Sanam Saeed, Khalid Ahmed, Hassan Niazi, Adnan Jaffer and others.

The child star of this serial includes Sabina Jabeen and Meher Sagar. Sabina Jabeen is a 10 years old child with her exceptional acting skills. She belongs to Karimabad Hunza.  She is daughter of Ms. Sitara Begum and well known hotelier Nisar Ahmad Hunzai, who currently works at Islamabad Club.

She has not been trained to act. She has played the role of twin daughter in drama serial ‘Talkhiyan’. She has to be rebellious, talkative and naughty in her role.

Without any doubt it is a difficult task to act for a first timer and that too of such a tender age. But she acted it out with marvellous acting genius and won acclaim from the masters in the field. She is a gifted child with passions.

The role of her twin brother is played by Meher Sagar, who has played the role of ‘Safi’ in Shoaib Mansoor’s blockbuster, ‘Bol’.
Sanam Saeed played the role of mother of these twines children.

The drama serial ‘Talkhiyan’ revolves around a love story turned sour. It also presents the deadly consequences of failed relationships on the children.

There are various heart touching scenes in this play. The serial reveals important messages for parents and families that how to treat their children.

The story of drama serial ‘Talkhiyan’ depicts the impacts of violence and hatred on children. The story shows how children became disturb for discrimination in their midst.

This serial is being shot in fantastic scenic beauties. The viewers would enjoy the stunning natural beauties of Pakistan.The title song of this serial is sung by Mehwish Hayat, Viqar Ali.

The drama serial ‘Talkhiyan’ will be aired on Express Entertainment from Wednesday 5th December.

Here are some stunning pictures of child cast ( Sabina Jabeen and Meher Sagar)  of drama serial ‘Talkhiyan’ having scenic beauty of Pakistan.

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