Fire broke in State Life building of Karachi

- Pakistani

In Karachi a fire broke out in the State Life building which is situated near Zainab Market in Saddar area.

The State Life building is a 15 story building and the fire broke out on the second floor of the building and reached to the eighth floor.

As the fire broke out in the building, a person jumped out of the building to save himself from the fire and was severely injured. He was rushed to the hospital but could not survive because of severe injuries and lost his life. He was reportedly in the building for a job interview.

The fire was brought under control and was extinguished in few hours. The people were pulled out from the building safely.

The Chief fire officer told that the fire exploded in electric wires.

Earlier on September 11, 250 workers at the Ali Enterprises garment factory in Karachi were burnt alive when a massive fire broke out in the building during the evening shift.

On October 29 another fire broke out in a plastic factory in Karachi. Luckily, there was no loss of life.  However, 750 people were left jobless as several portions of the building collapsed.

A few months ago fire broke in two factories of Lahore. One of them was shoe factory and the other was candle making factory.

Why Pakistani factories and buildings are so insecure. There should be proper system of fire exit to face any kind of danger. It was found out that in Lahore 63 factories were situated in residential areas with only one exit. Lives of people are very important that can never be replaced with the maintenance of building.