Imran Qureshi won Deutsche Bank’s award Artist of the Year for 2013 in Berlin

- Pakistani

Lahore based Imran Qureshi has been named for “Artist of the Year” for 2013 from Deutsche Bank’s art programme.

This award is an honour for the artist Imran Qureshi, who seeks to address social issues in an individualistic manner. He has succeeded in creating outstanding creations which focuses on two important points. The first one is work on paper and the second one is photography.

The award was announced in Berlin following the recommendation of Deutsche Bank’s Global Art Advisory Council which consists of internationally-renowned and credible supervisors.

In Berlin Imran Qureshi’s work will later be exhibited in a single presentation in the spring of 2013. This programme is very beneficial for the artist and there is also a great opportunity for people all over the world to know about that artist through this exhibition.

Imran Qureshi, has been testing the boundaries of little work for his entire career. He took a simple idea and started his work, creating a discussion between ideas of life and death.

The use of green leaves has become his signature style but with the passage of time his work has developed on so many different levels that no repetition in his leaves patterns can ever be seen. Development of technique has become Imran Qureshi’s strong point and that has enabled him to achieve this award.

Imran Qureshi is brother of famous Pakistani actor Faisal Qureshi. Faisal Qureshi feels proud of his artist brother for winning this title and considers it a big achievement and proud for the whole Pakistani nation.

With this award Imran Qureshi can improve his career successfully. Deutsche Bank’s art programme will start the new Deutsche Bank KunstHalle programme with the presentation of Imran Qureshi as the artist of the year in 2013, at his first single institutional show in Europe.

Here consideration is needed that our Pakistani officials are not taking any measure for boosting the artists up and do not providing them platform to excel in their field. There are a number of talented artists in Pakistan and most of them cannot continue their efforts because of lack of resources.

Imran Qureshi award follows these artists in the respective years: Wangechi Mutu in 2010, Yto Barradain 2011, and Roman Ondák in 2012.