The cast of drama serial Na Kaho Tum Mere Nahi with Jago Pakistan Jago morning show by Fahad Mustafa on Hum TV

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An attractive drama has on aired on Hum TV, Na Kaho Tum Mere Nahi.  Maha Malik has written this story and Amina Nawaz khan is director of drama serial Na Kaho Tum Mere Nahi. The cast of this serial includes Javed sheikh, Ahsan Khan, Rabab Hashim, Saba Qamar, Saif-e- Hassan, Afshan Gull, and others.

Arisha Razi and Zuhab Khan are the child stars of this drama serial.

The cast stars of drama serial Na Kaho Tum Mere Nahi, Saba Qamar, Javed sheikh, Ahsan Khan and Rubab Hashim were the guests in Jago Pakistan Jago morning show hosted by Fahad Mustafa on Hum TV. They shared their experiences during the shooting and other information as well.

Javed sheikh and saba qamar told that it was their first serial play in which they have performed together. They have performed together in some comedy serials.

Saba Qamar told that she had already performed on Maha Mlik’s paly Jo Chalay to Jaan sy Guzar gaye. She told it is a triangle story with selective characters. Javed sheikh praised Saba Qamar’s efforts by saying she is a passionate actress.

In the morning show Javed sheikh raised an important issue. He told he is doing work on some films in New Delhi.

He said it is being said that Pakistan and India have good relations. In India there are restrictions on Pakistani channels with strict laws. Why Pakistani channels are not being shown in India?

He said even Indians praised Pakistani dramas quality. He used to bring DVDs of some Pakistani dramas on the demand of people. Government should take action in agreements, on this issue.

In this show Saba Qamar and Javed sheikh shared that in Pakistan there is no institution or academy to teach acting. People have to learn with much efforts and experience.

The writer of the story Maha malik joined the show through a call. She shared the theme of the serial that Na Kaho Tum Mere Nahi is a family drama in which family life is focused very closely and the clashes and problems of husband, wife are focused.

This drama serial depicts the mixture of current and old societal picture.  This serial is based on a précised story. There is a lesson that family can ignore little home problems with tolerance.

Rabab Hashim is a new face in showbiz industry who is acting in this serial with the name of Maya. Her character is important as there are different moods in her character. She has tried to make her character so effective. Maha Malik praised her work that she is a talented actress and worked with effort.

The director of this serial, Amina Nawaz Khan joined the show through call and thanked to the cast of the serial for their best efforts and marvellous acting.

Ahsan Khan told that he has already worked on Maha Malik’s serials and got a great fame by performance. He showed his hope to be successful in this serial as well.

Title song of this serial is sung by shabana Kausarat.

Viewers can enjoy this serial every Monday at 8:00 Pm on Hum TV.