Jamil Ahmad and Mohammed Hanif Pakistani authors shortlisted for DSC prize 2013

- Pakistani

DSC Prize for South Asian Literature is a literary prize awarded annually to writers of any ethnicity or nationality writing about South Asian region on different themes such as culture, politics, history, or people. It is for an original full-length novel written in English, or translated into English.

The prize is sponsored by DSC Limited (formerly known as D. S. Constructions Ltd.), an Indian infrastructure and construction company.

At a gathering of leading publishers, writers and cultural leaders at London’s May Fair Hotel on the evening of Tuesday 20th November 2012, the shortlist for the third DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2013 was announced.

Among the long list of 16 authors the names of six authors were shortlisted and their names were announced for the DSC prize.

Shortlisted entries for the DSC prize for South Asian literature 2013 are following:

1.       Jamil Ahmad (Pakistani debut author): The Wandering Falcon
2.       Tahmima Anam (Bangladeshi author): The Good Muslim
3.       Amitav Ghosh (Indian writer): River of Smoke
4.       Mohammed Hanif (Pakistani author): Our Lady of Alice Bhatti
5.       Uday Prakash (Indian writer): The Walls of Delhi
6.       Jeet Thayil (Indian author): Narcopolis

Pakiistani author Jamil Ahmad’s debut book “The Wandering Falcon” comprises of short stories from the Pak-Afghan tribal regions. Its main focus is on the revolt-hit province of Balochistan, where Jamil Ahmad served as a government officer in the 1950s. The book has received critical acclaim from writers and reviewers since its publication in 2011.

Pakistani Journalist and novelist Mohammed Hanif received his first nomination for the DSC Prize when his name was included in the 2013 long list for his second novel “Our Lady of Alice Bhatti.”

The novel is focussing on a Christian nurse and her relationship with a patient who turns out to be criminal. He has remained greatly popular since it’s published late last year.

The winner will receive prize of INR 2,800,000/GBP £32,000/USD $50,000. The prize will be given to the winner who has written the best novel thematically linked to the South Asian region. The prize will be announced at the Jaipur Literature Festival 2013 on January 25.

A five-member jury, chaired by Nobel Prize-nominated writer and academic and the former chief executive of India’s National Academy of Letters K. Satchidanandan, made thoughtful discussion over the longlist consisting of 16 names.

“The six shortlisted books from different countries represent the diversity of South Asian fiction in terms of theme as well as idiom. We were looking for works which are thematically fresh, stylistically innovative and are a definitive contribution to novel as a genre,” Satchidanandan said in a statement.
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