The cast of drama serial Kahi Un Kahi with Jago Pakistan Jago morning show by Fahad Mustafa on Hum TV

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A very beautiful drama serial Kahi Un Kahi has on aired on Hum TV on Tuesday 6th Nov. Two episodes of this drama serial have telecasted. This drama is Written by Nadia Akhter and Asim Ali is the director of this serial.

The cast of Kahi Un Kahi includes Usman Pirzada, Sheheryar Munawwar Siddiqui, Ayeza Khan (Aiza Khan), Irsa Ghazal, Rashid Mehmood, Zhalay sarhadi, Urwa-tul-wusqa,Imran Aslam, Sherry, Hasan Ahmed, Tipu Sharif, Khalid Anum, Seema Pasha and others.

The cast stars of drama serial Kahi Un Kahi, Sheheryar Munawwar, Zhalay sarhadi, Hasan Ahmed and the director Asim Ali were the guests of Jago Pakistan Jago morning show with Fahad Mustafa on Hum TV.

The cast stars of this serial shared their experiences during shooting and other information with the host Fahad Mustafa and the viewers.

On the response of Fahad Mustafa’s question, the director Asim Ali told that Kahi Un Kahi is based on a singal tracking simple story. He said it is the romantic story of nineties which is being prepared to present in 2012.

Zhalay Sarhadi told that she has so good experience working with Hassan Ahmed and she has already worked with him in different serials like in drama serial Madiha Maliha.

Sheheryar Munawwar Siddiqui praised a lot the working experience with Ayeza Khan (Aiza Khan). He said apart from being a great actress she is very mannered and humble one.

Ayeza Khan’s (Aiza Khan) sister (Hiba Khan) was taken for character of her childhood and Ayeza Khan’s brother (Arham Khan) perfomed the character of Sheheryar Munawwar’s childhood.

He praised the excellent performane of yeza Khan’s sister (Hiba Khan) and Ayeza Khan’s brother (Arham Khan). Sheheryar Munawwar is performing the character of loving brother with the name of Arooj.

He did the previous serial in which he had to perform the role as he cannot speak and he perfomed by showing his gestures and expressions without speaking. He shared it was a different experience for him that made him a little bit confused at some places and her team helped him a lot.

The director of the drama serial Kahi Un Kahi ,Asim Ali told the shades of drama serial Un Kahi and Tanhaiyaan could be seen in this drama serial. Asim Ali told this serial will depict a picture of present societal attitude. He portrayed the harsh behaviour of some elite class to their servants.

This serial presents the realistic picture of the society in which some elite class is practising the exercise of ignoring servants and poor people. Fahad Mustafa shared that Asim Ali is nominated for Pakistan media award for the performance of Hum TV drama serial Meray Qatil Meray Dildar.

At the end of the show Fahad Mustafa said to Zhalay sarhadi to convey any message to viewers regarding this serial and she said to viewers do not miss the scene of swimming pool in the drama.

She said there are plenty of dramas which are being seen by the viewers but this particular drama is different from others which will present real emotions different flavour relations realistically.

Hasan Ahmed said that he has a strongest character in serial. He conveyed message to viewers, please do watch kahi unkahi there are many flavours and impressive characters in this serial it is a real like story. In the end this drama serial will give out a very good message from our side please do give your feedback.

Viewers can enjoy the serial every Tuesday at 8:00 on Hum TV.