Comedian Sikandar Sanam passed away on 5th November 2012

- Pakistani

There is a very beautiful saying of Shakespeare. “Life is like a stage. Every person comes on the stage, plays its role and leaves the stage”.
A famous and talented Pakistani comedian Sikandar Sanam passed awar on 5th November. He was recently diagnosed with liver cancer and he was hospitalised for two months.
Sikandar Sanam was Born in Karachi. His Namaze Janaza (funeral prayer) was offered after Esha prayer on 5th November in Karachi.

Sikandar Sanam was a great man who made others laughs. But now he made every one so sad while leaving this world. Pakistani comedy industry became deprived from the spontaneous and wonderful acting of Sikandar Sanam.

Some of his fellows, Shakeel Siddique Rauf Lala, Pervaiz  Sddiqui, Ayaz Samoo and Wali Sheikh were the guests in Good Morning Pakistan with Nida Yasir to pay tribute to Sikandar Sanam. All the team was so sad.

They said they are feeling lonely without him. They said that he was so cool minded person. Sikandar Sanam’s colleague Shakeel siddique was with him in the hospital. His colleagues said that he was very supportive. Rauf Lala said that he got this status just because of Sanam Sikandar.

Nida Yasir told that so many time he came in Good Morning Pakistani show and he used to make a complain he has to wake up so early to come in this show. Nida Yasir became so sad while saying “now we cannot awake him up”.
Sikandar Sanam performed in number of stage dramas, comedy serial and parody movies. He received a lot of appreciation from Pakistani and Indian viewers as well.

Sikandar Sanam was so much famous for his parodies of famous Bollywood movies. He was so passionate about his work that his colleagues told he was ready to participate in serial even he was in hospital.
May his soul rest in Heaven.

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