Aijaz Aslam with Nida Yasir talking about modern technology of purchasing animals for Slaughter (qurbani)

- Pakistani

Aijaz Aslam, is a famous Pakistani actor, fashion designer and model. He is the guest at Good Morning show with Nida Yasir on Ary Digital.

He has worked in so many serious serials as well as he made surprised his audience while appearing in comedy serials. Aijaz Aslam said “comedy improves serious acting”.

In the response of Nida Yasir’s question he said that he has worked in most of serials with Faisal Qureshi as their combined performance remained so popular among audience.
He said as in the new drama serial ‘Mera Pehla Piyar’ on Ary Digital both of them are working together.
Talking about current event of Eid-ulAzha, he responded to Nida Yair’s question that he will buy tall white goat for slaughter on the demand of his children. They are fond of buying goat as soon as possible.
Aijaz Aslam, talking about modern technology of purchasing animals for slaughter, said, now a very advance system (online system) is going to start in which animals can be seen and selected for purchasing, on different websites and Facebook pages.

Aijaz aslam said in some places online selection of animals has introduced and in next year it will be more familiar. In this system online animals are available with images and prices so it is easy to select them for booking and they can be delivered at home.
It is beneficial for saving time. Animals are advertised on large banners with different postures.

Nida Yasir shared that last year an organization was doing publicity that people would select the animal for slaughter online and the meat of that animal would be delivered at their homes in packets.
In some places people take order on Facebook and then provide services at home for slaughter.

Here are some websites which are working for online services.