Indian pop singer Raageshwari Loomba loves Lahore and Sufism

- Pakistani

A famous Indian pop singer, actress, television anchor and social worker Raageshwari Loomba has crossed over the border to visit Lahore with his parents. She is here for spending one week. She said that she spend a very pleasant day in Lahore.

She said that it is being heard no one is truly born until they have seen Lahore, so we have born today.

Raageshwari Loomba launched a Sufi album last year after five years’ break. She told that she studied Islam closely to understand the theme of Sufism.

She said that she enjoyed a lot while learning about Islam. She said that her Sufi album is about the explanation that Islam is a religion of peace.

She wants to give this message to everyone.  She thanked to Pakistani people for their generous love for the artist Raageshwari Loomba.
She visited some other places of Pakistan as well. She visited the Sweet Home in Islamabad to meet the orphans. Children were so charmed to see her and welcomed her warmly.