Khamoshi by Jasim Haider, in memory of dear friend

- Pakistani

Jasim Haider, Pakistani citizen went to Karachi to study film and from there he completed his studies but his heart always remained in his hometown (Islamabad).

Jasim Haider joined MTV Pakistan as a producer but after a short period of time he realised that it is not fit for him. He continually felt that his heart lies in music and he wanted to join the sound of the guitar.

Jasim Haider faced a tragic incident, the death of his childhood friend, Mohsin Javed.  He was died in an accident participating in a race organised in Bahria Town, Islamabad.

After the sudden loss of his friend (Mohsin Javed), Jasim Haider was inspired to compose his first song “Khamoshi”.

“I was shooting for a project in Karachi when I heard the sad news,” recalls Haider in a melancholic tone. “But what worse was that I couldn’t attend his funeral due to my professional commitments,” he adds.
via The Express Tribune

Mohsin Javed was popularly known as “Lalay” amongst his friends. Mohsin Javed was an MBA student and a close friend of Jasim Haider.

Mohsin Javed was the person who inspired his friend, Jasim Haider to begin his musical career with a tribute to a dear friend.

The video has been shot in several beautiful locations near Javed’s home. The music is very soft, following a typical sadness tune. The short teaser of “Khamoshi” shows the image of five boys, including Jasim Haider while standing with the beautiful Margalla Hills in the background.

The song (Khamoshi) has been composed, sung and written by Jasim Haider himself. Mansoor Mujtaba, a student of the late Ustaad Mehdi Hassan Khan, also contributed on the vocals.

It has been produced by Jonathan Jones. Jasim Haider has used a few lyrics from one of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s popular song “Watna Nu Aaja Dholna”.

Jasim Haider’s first song “Khamoshi” is just the beginning for his music career as a number of other songs and music videos are underway. Unlike most other artists, Jasim Haider have no plan on releasing a music album.