Waseem Akram and Dr Shaista Lodhi with Global hand washing day in utho Jago Pakistan on Geo TV

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Global hand washing day is being celebrated on 15 October annually. It is launched in 2008. It is an annual event funded by the Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing with Soap, of which Unilever’s Lifebuoy brand is a founding partner.

Dr Shaista Lodhi invited Pakistani former cricketer Waseem akram to talk about Handwashing  day in Utho Jago Pakistan.  Waseem Akram told that he has been working in Lifebuoy hand washing campaign for the last three years. 

He told that he visited so many schools and areas and the children spread their message widely in their areas.

Dr Shaista Lodhi and Waseem Akram have discussed that every year almost more than 20 lac children lose their lives before reaching their 5th birthday because of some infections. Lack of awareness about healthy activities can be major cause of these infections.

These infections can be controlled by adopting some healthy habits. Knowledge is power. Children can learn whatever they are taught.
In the response of Dr shaista Lodhi’s question  Waseem Akram told that in the handwashing compaign they teach the children that they have to wash their hands five times a day.

Dr shaista Lodhi said there is nothing typical habbits make a good person . Children can adopt any habit about which they are being aware.

Waseem Akram told that he always carries his soap with him while travelling. He has been successful in promoting these healthy activities to his children.

He said if every person would be successful in promoting healthy activities to his family, we would make Pakistan a healthy country very soon.