Murree’s natural beauty in water colours

- Pakistani


Pakistan is a blessed country with natural beauty. Murree is most notable among those places which have magical effect in their natural beauty. To highlight the scenic beauty of Murree, Shahid Toosy opened a painting exhibition at Gallery 6 with the name “Spiritual Connection.”

Czech Ambassador Miroslav Krenek inaugurated the exhibition as a chief guest. He appreciated Shahid Toosy’s work and termed it a “good start to autumn”.

There were over 27 painting displayed that can highlight the natural scenes of Murree.  This hill station is a centre of attraction all over the world.

Shahid Toosy graduated in fine arts from the University of Punjab in 1970. He has worked as art director at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA).

In his paintings he has tried to highlight the feeling of a spiritual link with nature through his work with watercolours.

He told that he is a lover of natural beauty of the hill station. In his paintings he has focused on the mountains and delightful scenes of Murree.
The exhibition will continue till 21October, 2012.