In Attock, wooden abacus in time of modern technology

- Pakistani

In Attock  a vegetable retailer is using a centuries-old wooden abacus for day-to-day calculations at his shop.

He is an old man who is known in the area as “Panji Baba”.  He does not want to disclose his real name. He told that he has the antique abacus from his father Shah Gul and has been using it for the last 60 years.

Its use is so easy for him and he can calculate a large amount of money as he told that he can make calculations of up to one billion on it without any difficulty.

Panji Baba’s father was also a shopkeeper and he had used this abacus for almost 70 years. He told that his sons and grandsons are more interested in modern day’s calculators therefore it will become useless after him.

Panji Baba is very happy and contented with the use of abacus.  He counts quite a lot of advantages of using an abacus as it has no need of charging, no cells, enough strong and the most important advantage, there is no risk of its theft.

This is really an appreciable and unbeatable spirit that this old man has.