Disable couple sharing excellent life experience in Café Meera on Samaa TV

- Pakistani

Famous Pakistani film star Meera is hosting in a talk show on Samaa TV. She started her career with films that brought her popularity.

Meera’s show Café Meera was aired on Eid-ul-Fitar and it can be seen on Sunday at 8:05. She called a couple Atif Raza and Sadia Butt.

Both of them are with disabilities but they are highly talented and hard working. They share their life experience with Meera in Café Meera show.

Her guest Sadia Butt is a Gold madelist in literature. She is the first blind Rj on fm103. Now a days she is lecturer of Punjabi literature in Governmet degree college of special Education.

Sadia Butt is a social worker and she is running an NGO with her husband. She met with her husband (Atif Raza)in a private organization where she used to deal with blinds.

Atif Raza proposed her and she agreed. The couple said that life is so beautiful and Allah has sent people in the world to do research and to understand and explore the world.

Atif Raza said that disability did never seemed a hurdle for us but the image of our society about disables always heat them and created hurdles for them.
People judge disables on their looks not on their talent and abilities. He is running a business of call centre along with he is running an NGO.

They do not take their disability a problem but people comment on them considering them inferior. They are leading a contented and peaceful life.