Shahbaz Sharif Arranged Punjab Youth Festival 2012

- Pakistani

Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif organized youth festival in September 2012.  He announced that Punjab government has provided a platform to the younger generation to express their talent and distinctive capabilities.

The activities of Youth Festival 2012 were being arranged at union council, tehsil, district, division and provincial levels.
Punjab Youth Festival had been made more interesting and popular by including the competitions of extracurricular activities in this mega event.
The event started from sports and more interesting and popular competitions of extracurricular activities at neighbourhood and village level.

  • Moving towards union council level (3, 464 representatives)
  • Tehsil level (137 representatives)
  • District level (36 representatives)
  • Divisional level (9 representatives)
  • Provincial level (1 representative)

This festival demonstrated that Pakistani youth is very talented and hard working as well as they are proud of nation. On this occasion representatives went to different districts for promoting Punjab Youth Festival.

The festival was based on the following categories:
•    Creativity
•    Ambitions
•    Hard Work
•    Team Work
•    Goals for a lively future

It was an excellent step to develop self-confidence and discipline among young generation.  It is an aspiration for students to enhance their motivational level.

This festival was followed by Punjab international sports festival 2012.