Pop Singer Shehzad Roy working for education in Pakistan

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Shehzad Roy has taken a political edge for injustice in Pakistan. He is protesting against government in his songs. In one his songs he sings about government promises of free speech, clean water and ample electricity but nothing.

He says the politicians only want to keep their pockets full and if they could get a chance they are ready to sell the whole country.
“Laga Reh ” was one of Shehzad Roy’s first songs against political conditions.

Shehzad Roy condemns Pakistanis in his song that they became so greedy and disloyal. He thinks if Pakistanis would remain in this condition they would do nothing.

The 34-year-old pop star Shehzad Roy says that he realised injustice in Pakistan when he started charitable work in poor public schools and this thinking forced him for singing this song.

Shehzad Roy has founded a non-profitable organization in Pakistan, “Zindagi Trust” which is working to provide quality education to the underprivileged children of Pakistan.

Shehzad Roy’s non-profit organization Zindagi Trust has rebuilt the Fatima Jinnah Girls’ School (a poor public school) in Karachi with installation of computers, trained teachers and further facilities.

There is also started the first-ever lessons in art, sports and chess. The trust is also working for improvement of child labourers after school hours.

In 2007 Shehzad Roy took over management of Fatima Jinnah Girls’ School (a poor public school) from the Karachi government.
He describes an early request from one of the teachers who requests to Shehzad Roy that she wants to get rid from these bad people (managers of school).

The teacher told that a former principal ran an illegal side business hiring out the schoolyard for weddings. Then she described the miserable condition of the school. Bricks are loaded up in the place of desks. Dirty water ran in the drinking fountains.

Shehzad Roy has been awarded the 2009 Patricia Blunt Koldyke Fellowship on Social Entrepreneurship by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.An analyst at Pakistan’s National Students Federation says local politicians had no idea about government schools of their state, until Shehzad Roy came along.

The English, upper class education system is working fine. Elites prefer very advanced school system for their own kids and do not show any concern for the betterment of other schools.

Shehzad Roy arranged a school tour to a group of Western ambassadors who offered him to help Pakistan but he refused to take help. 
“We’ll start collecting our own taxes. The day we start collecting our own taxes, there will be some governance.” Shehzad Roy said.

He gives the message of Pakistan’s condition through his songs and is trying to make aware Pakistanis about the poor conditions of our country.

This is really an excellent effort that Shehzad Roy is doing. It is a step for the betterment of students and teachers. Otherwise our politicians have left no limits behind to destroy Pakistan.