Ainak Wala Jin is returning back on Eid-ul-Azha 2012

- Pakistani

Pakistan Television (PTV) is going to air the second part of its famous drama serial “Ainak Wala Jin”.  This was so popular and favourite drama during 1993-1996 through its first part.  This drama is an excellent mixture of fantasy and fiction.

Shahzad Qaisar who is the main character of Ainak Wala Jin, said that the new series will start from where its first part ended. This series is the second part of Ainak Wala Jin.

This series would provide fun and amusement to people belonging to all age group. The characters of Ainak Wala Jin are fresh in people’s minds as the character names, their roles and famous dialogues are being used in example till now.

The new series of Ainak Wala Jin is being launched on demands of the people. In these series people would be able to enjoy the scenic beauty of Azad Kashmir.
The writer of the play Tariq Sahili has made great efforts to provide amusement, opportunity of humour and entertainment to people in a healthy atmosphere. This time animations are being added which were unavailable before, due to the unavailability of computer graphics.

The series of Ainak Wala Jin will begin on Eid-ul-Azha (in this month) and the first play will be titled as “Nastoor Jin ki Wapsi.
Like other children I was also so much fond of watching this drama in my childhood. At the end of every episode people were used to eager to see the next episode.
I still remember the funny dialogues of previous Ainak Wala Jin.

  • Mujhay kaam batao,main kia karun ,main kisko khaun? Zakoota Jin
  • Bilbatorri ,nassa chaurri, adhi meethi,aadhi kaurri.I am sorry, I am sorry. HAmoon Jadoogar
  • Mera naam Hamoon Jadugar hai, koi patloon jadugar nahi
  • Ullu ullu hello ullu ullu hello.Assi char so bees,assi nau do giyara
  • Churrail nahi tu dayein hay, tu meri piyari behn hay (the most funny dialogue)

Now we will enjoy again the most exciting episodes, remembering our childhood.