Lahore candle making factory catches fire

- Pakistani

Fire broke out in a candle factory situated in Gulberg, Lahore. Fortunately fire has been controlled without any loss of life as there was no one inside the factory building when the fire incident happened.

The fire exploded in the factory at 6 pm Saturday and very quickly spread to the whole building. The fire reached to the third floor without taking time. The heat was so severe therefore temporary roof collapsed.

Fire brigades and rescue teams rushed to the spot immediately and managed to put out the fire. They had to face a lot of difficulties as the factory was situated in a narrow street.

Furniture and valuables worth of thousands of rupees ruined.

The cause of the fire could not be found out still now.

Earlier, two burning incidents had been seen in the same month, one of the Karachi garment factory and second one of the Lahore shoe factory. These incidents brought an enormous loss of lives as well of property.

It is desperately needed that factory owners should be careful about factory conditions.

There should be proper schemes and rules and regulation for starting any factory or any business as well as these rules must be implemented and strict actions should be taken with the violation of these rules.