Pakistan plans a bus route from Mirpur (Kashmir) to Birmingham (UK)

- Pakistani

Pakistan authorities are planning to launch a bus route from Mirpur (town of Kashmir) to Birmingham (England). The distance from Mirpur to Birmingham is about 8,000 kilometres (5,000 miles).

There is a large population of British Pakistanis in Birmingham. Many of them originally belong to Mirpur, a town of Azad Kashmir that is a self-governing territory under the control of Pakistan. Most of the family ties between the two cities.

Government of Kashmir will also set up the visa process for those people who do not have a British passport.

Tahir Khokhar, the transport minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir told that fares would be around Rs20,000 ($210), a fraction of air fares that are typically close to $1,000.
via Express Tribune

In this journey passengers have to travel through Iran, Turkey and Europe that are the dangerous areas but transport minister of Azad Kashmir is confident about the safety of passengers. The journey will take the period of eight days.

Tahir Khokhar (transport minister) is satisfied about the security of passengers. Even though the route will pass through Baluchistan which is overwhelmed by Taliban militants. Baluchistan officials assured Tahir Khokhar for security.

This step would promote tourism between two cities. Still now no date has been set to start the bus service.