Vika Jigulina performed in Islamabad (Pakistan)

- Pakistani

Vika Jigulina is a gorgeous Romanian singer and DJ. The Romanian Talent Vika Jigulina performed in Behria Town Islamabad, capital city of Pakistan on 15th September for ‘This is My Life’ concert.

In Pakistan foreign bands and DJs come in every now and then. People were so excited for seeing her performance. She is popular and successful in her field and never ever failed to proof herself.

Vika Jiguline performed in Islamabad having voice behind the tracks of Edward Maya. She has also joined services with Edward Maya. Who also performed in Pakistan several time, recently on 14 Feb.

Vika Jiguline has performed in Islamabad for the very first time.

She told “This is my first time, and I hope there will be a second and third,”
via Express Tribune.

The concert was opened with DJ Mister TJ (techno house) from Lahore and DJ Tokka from Islamabad.
The performance of this gorgeous singer Vika Jigulina has given people real time of fun and enjoyment.
Vika Jiguline managed her performance for an hour straight as well as managed the crowd of enthusiastic people.
The event was only for entertainment, as 25% of the revenue from the Rs8,000 ticket will be given to Radiance, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that raises awareness about HIV amongst the youth.
via Express Tribune.