Pakistani doctors in Chicago offering free health care clinics

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In 2009 Pakistani Descent Physician Society of Illinois (PPS), under the supervision of the Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (APPNA) opened a free health clinic. APPNA is headquartered in Chicago.

It has motivated doctors scattered throughout the United States and brought them together to volunteer at free clinics and to perform charitable acts.

It has also provided support in times of terrible emergencies when natural disasters hit both the US and Pakistan.

This organization is being run by volunteer physicians, medical students and community members. The clinic opens on Saturday due to the other responsibilities of doctors during the week. This clinic opens for four hours and provides assistance almost 25 patients in a day.

Due to the increasing demand from patients, PPS tries to gain more support to start a mobile clinic. They are also planning for providing assistance on Wednesday also.

Most of the volunteers are from Pakistan and some are from India and the US. The clinic is open to all patients.

In the suburban town of Westmont, a few miles south of Chicago there is a diverse population of various ethnic backgrounds living side by side for whom this APPNA centre is more beneficial.

Dr Aftab Khan, who stayed on his feet the entire time, running from patient to patient, explained most of the processes and workings of the clinic. In simple terms, you need insurance to receive medical care to balance the cost of treatment, since without insurance, those costs are ludicrously unaffordable. Prescribed medication and doctors’ visits alone cost thousands of dollars which no one can afford without health insurance.

Hence, the average cost of insurance for one family of four can easily be around $1,600 a month, which does not even begin to cover the cost of treatment and medicines.

In US medical insurance is so expensive. Most of the elderly parents who join their children in the US have to face problems of receiving regular medical attention.

Health insurance can be very expensive depending on your age, medical needs and place of employment. Therefore it is difficult for immigrants to afford high costs of insurance policies for their parents. Children of legal immigrants might be insured by their employers. In these circumstances APPNA initiative is very helpful for assistance.

PPS, along with its providers is interpreting services that worth $250 million a year to needy patients.  Patients are satisfied with the treatment facilities of PPS.
The clinic is running mainly on support from doctors in the US who have helped Pakistan with their generous efforts. More people should devote their attention to this issue and should support this cause.
This APPNA initiative was led by Dr Imtiaz Arain. This is exceeded to other cities within the country and it has proved a good step in the right direction.

It is an excellent effort by APPNA. These efforts should be made in Pakistan to make it a delightful nation.