Hadia Tajik Pakistani origin woman named Norway’s culture minister

- Pakistani

In September 2009 Hadia Tajik, Muslim woman of Pakistani origin was elected as a member of the Norwegian parliament for the Norwegian Labour Party.

In September 2012, Prime minister of Norway Jens Stoltenberg has appointed Hadia Tajik as minister of culture. She is a 29 years old Muslim woman from Pakistani origin.

Hadia Tajik is the first Muslim member of the Norwegian cabinet who has been named as the culture minister.

Hadia Tajik is also the youngest woman in Norwegian cabinet.  

Hadia Tajik has declared her future programme that she will focus on cultural diversity and these multicultural values will become a part of Norway’s everyday life. She will analyse reflects of cultural diversity on Norwegian society as a whole.

According to her future program she will investigate the protection of minority rights, whether cultural or racial. She will also examine the right of Muslims to wear the covering (hijab) in public places among other issues.