Protest against anti-islam film; cinemas burned down in Pakistan

- Pakistani

Pakistanis protested against anti-Islam film. Government announced public holiday to let people protest but it clearly declared that it should be a calm protest avoiding from destruction. Some angry protesters sparked violence and brought great destruction in the country.

Some protesters attacked on cinemas in Peshawar and Karachi. They set fire in cinemas and two were burnt down in Peshawar as well as five were attacked in Karachi.

Protestors attacked Prince, Capri, Nishat and Capital cinemas in Karachi and set fire in these cinemas. The owners of cinemas have to bear great loss with burning of cinema halls.

Some of the cinemas have been badly damaged and the owners need a lot of money to reconstruct them. It is really difficult due to economic crises in Pakistan.

The crowd of protesters entered the cinemas smashing windows and breaking down main gates. They set fire in the cinemas and mainly screens were burnt.

Pakistan is facing a lot of problems due to economic crises why these people are destroying their own country. Many of them lost their lives. On some places protests turned to violence.