Sataesh khan left Showbiz for Islam

- Pakistani

Sataesh khan is a gorgeous Pakistani actress. She was 18 years old when she started working as an Actress. She started her Career in 2009. First time she appeared in Pakistani Soap ad ‘Tere Pehlul Mian’ at GEO TV in Pakistan.

Sataesh khan showed best performance in Pakistani dramas and gained a great famous. She is a multitalented girl. She used to writing and performing songs, participating in comedy, acting etc.
She said that she has been feeling guilty with showbiz industry that might be she is not doing a good job. At last she left showbiz and decided to live a life as a true Muslim.

Sataesh khan is close friend of Sara Chaudhry. Sara Chaudhry invited her to attend Islamic lecture at Faisal Mosque Islamabad.  She attended Islamic lecture and she realized that she is wasting her life in showbiz. With more Islamic preaches and lessons she decided to left showbiz and to observe Islamic teachings.
So she left showbiz and took a turn to a practicing Muslim. She wants to devote herself for Islam. She said that she feel calm and peace while observing Islamic practices.

Sataesh khan said that she has been hungry for years and that’s why Allah blessed her with guidance.

She is satisfied with observing Islamic teachings. She is leading a life as Islamic woman. She is contented that Allah has shown her the path of success.

May Allah bless her with successful life.