Pakistani actress Sara Chaudhry left showbiz turning to Islam

- Pakistani

The good looking Sara Chaudhry has been famous Pakistani actress. Now she has left the showbiz industry and turned to a practicing Muslim.

Sara Chaudhry has been leading character in Pakistan showbiz industry. She worked in showbiz industry for 11 years and gained recognition through her excellent acting skills. She is famous for her innocent appearance.

She performed many popular Pakistani dramas such as “Tareekian”, “Malangi”, “Din Dhaly”, “Dil Diya Dehleez”, “Tere Pehlu Main”, “Tere janey ke baad etc. She did not join film industry.

Sara Chaudhry got married with a Dubai settled Pakistani Muslim businessman Faisal Khan who is Pathan by cast. In an interview with Farah on ATV Sara Chaudhary told that she left showbiz on her own will not because of her husband’s pressure.

She joined showbiz in an early age but now she recognized that she has to lead her life according to teachings of Islam. She observes Islamic hijab and she has joined  Fahm-ul-Quranclasses in Al-Huda International to learn Islamic teachings. Now she is spending a true Muslim women life.

She is satisfied to leave showbiz industry with observance of Islamic practices. It is a gorgeous turn for Sara Chaudhry.
Now she is a good preacher of Islam as well. Sara Chaudhry declared that she would now preach Islam during her rest of life.