Pakistani Rock/Pop Singer Ghohar Mumtaz Got Engaged to Anam Ahmad

- Pakistani

Ghohar Mumtaz Pakistani pop singer is a member of Jal band from Lahore. Ghohar Mumtaz gained recognition with his composition of ‘Aadat’ song which was a massive hit in Pakistan.

He bought his first guitar at the age of 11. He is a multitalented boy who can play guitar, write the song and also sing.

His lyrics are always reflective in our daily lives. He did not acquire any formal training in music. He spent countless hours and struggled hard to teach himself.

Anam Ahmad is a famous Pakistani model who has worked with many designers. She has participated in many Pakistani fashion shows.

Earlier Anam Ahmad showed her willingness for Gohar Mumtaz as a life partner.  Anum Ahmad has been a fan of Goher Mumtaz and wanted to marry him.

Now Goher Mumtaz has changed his relationship status and he got engaged to Anam Ahmad.

I wish soon they become a married couple and live a joyful life.