Pakistani Hindus Going to India

- Pakistani

A great number of Pakistani Hindus left Pakistan. Most of them were living in Pakistan for their jobs as Pakistani overseas are stable in other countries.
On the formation of Pakistan it was clearly declared that minorities can live in Pakistan with the availability of their rights.

Pakistani Hindus were used to say that they were not treated well in Pakistan on the basis of religion and racism. Even they were not used to pay their salaries on regular basis.

Pakistani Hindus were disappointed while leaving the country as they want to stay here but they were deprived from the rights. They had to leave their happy homes.
Pakistan has 180 million populations including 2.5 present Hindus. Some of them left Pakistan in last few years because of injustice and security risks. Pakistani Hindus complained about kidnapping and killing.

Migrants say that some are living in temples and some in tents but they have no threats. Some migrants said that their daughters were not save in Pakistan. Muslims were used to force their daughters to be converted in Islam and they had to face the problems of kidnapping and robbery that’s why they moved to India.