Malik Ameer Muhammad Afridi in Peshawar With His Moustache Style

- Pakistani

Malik Ameer Muhammad Afridi is 47 year old He belongs to Bara in Khyber Agency.

He is a man with 30 inches long moustache curling towards forehead. His tall moustache made him the centre of attention for militant group Lashkar-e-Islami.
Malik Ameer Muhammad Afridi is not only the source of amusement for people but he became the victim as well.

I quoted from ‘Dawn’, Malik Ameer Muhammad Afridi said “it was the summer of 2008, when members of the LeI arrested me and took me to a religious scholar who declared the moustache un-Islamic and ordered it to be shaved”.

He decided to move to Peshawar where he would be able to grow his moustache freely. He did not go to his hometown for four years and he did not see his relatives due to the threats of shave by militants.

His wife was also not happy with his moustache but he did not take care of anything against his moustache.

Malik Ameer Muhammad Afridi runs an electronics business in Deen Plaza. He was proud of his unique style as no one in Pakistan has this style of moustache. He uses special oil and products to care his whiskers and spends approximately 30 -40minutes daily to curl his moustache in curved form.

He left his family and hometown for the sake of his moustache.

Obviously it would be difficult for him to survive alone far from his family. It seems so funny that he is suffering just because of his moustache but it is his life and he has the right to choose his liking and disliking.

He is implementing this funny statement “Mooch Nahi to Kuch Nahi”.