Safirullah Lehri Pakistani Comedian Died in Karachi

- Pakistani

Safirullah Lehri, Pakistani comedian has died on Thursday at the age of 83. He was popular with the name of Lehri. He had been suffering from illness for about 25 years.

He was suffered from several ailments like high blood pressure and heart problems etc. He was hospitalised in Karachi and was on a ventilator to take breath easily.

Popular actor Safirullah Lehri acted in approximately 225 films and won the Nigar Award for around several films. Besides Nigar Award he won many other awards also.

Safirullah Lehri’s first film was “Anokhi” that was released in 1956 and his last film was Dhanak that was released in 1986. He got great fame by his comic role.

Most of Lehi’s films were in Urdu version but in some films he showed his awesome performance using Punjabi language.

He was a great asset of Pakistan. Comedians are the source of laugh for others and he performed Comedy in an excellent manner.

May Allah rest his soul in peace. Ameen.