Fire in Lahore Shoe Factory

- Pakistani

A fire has broken out at a shoe factory in Lahore. In thus burning incident approximately 24 people are died and a number of people are injured who have been shifted to hospitals.

The factory building was built for residential purpose that had only one entry and exit point but it was used for business purpose. Approximately more than 100 people are employed in that factory.

In the absence of light, workers of factory tried to start their generator. Unluckily fire broke out in the generator and then reached to chemical containers.

I quoted from ‘BBC News’, one of the workers who managed to escape said that all the chemicals and the generator were in the garage, which was also the only way out of the building.

It was very difficult for people to save their lives, some of them jumped out from the walls. They have no any other way to go outside.

I quoted from ‘Tribune’, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif expressed sorrow over the loss of human lives and announced financial assistance worth Rs500,000 for each affected family and Rs75,000 for each injured person as well as free medical assistance.

Our president and Prime Minister only express his shock and grief on loss and do not take any practical action for safety.

There are so many factories that are running in houses and there is no check and balance of owners to be conscious for safety measures.
There should be proper schemes and rules and regulation for starting any factory or any business. There should be strictness for implementation of these rules and regulations.

Lives of people are so precious and this loss is not refundable at any cost.