Fire in Karachi Garment Factory

- Pakistani

Fire broke in a garment factory in Karachi at around 6 pm. The garment factory is located in Baldia Town, on Hub River Road.
Boiling flashes of fire continued for over eight hours. It was the biggest fire incident in Karachi that causes a great number of deaths. Some workers were rescued by the fire fighters and locals.

It is estimated that 100- 110 people died but it is also expected that more bodies could be found. However exact figure of deaths cannot be confirmed until the fire extinguished.

Due to intensity of fire it was unable to rescue the operation quickly. Pakistan Navy’s fire fighting team and Pakistan Air Force team are called for help.

Dozens of injured victims have been brought to hospital.

Due to intensive heat fire fighters cannot even enter the building and they can just rinsing down the fire from the outside. The building had bent from one side and it can be collapsed at any time.

I quoted from ‘Dawn’, “It was terrible, suddenly the entire floor filled with fire and smoke and the heat was so intense that we rushed towards the windows, broke its steel grille and glass and jumped out. Around 150 employees were working at the time in one of the factory’s three round-the-clock shifts,” Saleem said.

It is really sorrowful. Factory honours should be careful about any danger like this. Government should take Pakistan’s industrial security under its considerations.
There should be established immediate rescue scheme especially in industrial areas.

Some people of Karachi are facing flooding disaster from heavy rain and some have to face this burn incident.

May Allah grant us peaceful life in Pakistan.