Islamabad Colleges: Affiliated with Quaid-e-Azam University

- Pakistani

In Islamabad federal colleges have been affiliated with Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU). They do not follow the course of Punjab University. Therefore teachers and students are confused about the new patterns.

I quoted from ‘Dawn’, 14 Colleges (10 ex-FG and 4 Model) of Islamabad under Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) have been granted affiliation by QAU Islamabad at graduate and postgraduate levels and they have been detached from University of the Punjab, Lahore.

Teachers lack in teaching instructions. Teachers have to rely on paper patterns right from the beginning. Members of board of studies have been failed to cope with the modern demands of B.A/BSC students.

I quoted from ‘Dawn,’ an officer of FDE said that most of the members in the board of studies do not have experience of teaching graduate and postgraduate level subjects.
Curriculum making task is so critical that demands extraordinary experience. It includes various aspects while developing a curriculum like students’ mental level, job market, modern time requirements etc.

Curriculum should be advanced gradually according to classes.

Many experiments had been made in changing of syllabus and most of them had not been successful.

The books of English (compulsory) subject that are being taught to grade 9th and 10th, they are below to the mental level of matric class students.

They are according to the mental level of 7th or 8th grade student. They should be replaced with advanced syllabus.

One another experience was made that old Punjab Text Book Board course was replaced with a book by National Book Foundation which was also not successful.

If the course again would be provided by Punjab University according to previous routine it would be better and successful. It is the future of students that’s why there is no capacity to make any experiment on risky basis.
I quoted from ‘Dawn’, Joint Secretary CAD, Rafique Tahir while talking to Dawn said that process was in transitional period so teachers and students seem confused but all the issues will be resolved and board of studies will look into all issues.

It is desperately needed that these weaknesses of education system should be dissolved for the better future of Pakistan.

  • Jahanzeb Abbasi

    Yes I think this weak education system should be dissolved for improving future..

  • bilawal sharif

    plz post bsc course for isb colleges by qau

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    plz post bsc course for affiliated colleges

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    yar bsc ka result net pa q nai show kar raha ha