Pakistan will boycott ICC awards for exclusion of Saeed Ajmal

- Pakistani

Saeed Ajmal is 34 years old Pakistani spinner. He took 72 wickets in 12 Tests matches from August 2011 to July 2012.

International cricket council (ICC) omitted Pakistani spinner Saeed Ajmal from shortlisting for the award ceremony of test cricketer of the year on 15 September.

He has been highest wicket taker in test matches in the period under consideration.

On declaration of this decision PCB (Pakistani Cricket Board) protested against this decision and they demanded the review of the shortlist but ICC refused to give it by saying it an independent jury decision.

This decision is not acceptable for Pakistanis and Pakistani players urged PCB (Pakistani Cricket Board) not to attend the ceremony and to boycott awards function. It is injustice for Pakistan.

I quoted from ‘Dawn’; PCB Chairman Zaka Ashraf said, “if anyone else has more wickets than Ajmal, then we are ready to withdraw our concern and instead we will support their pick. But this isn’t reflecting well on the ICC and they should rectify it.”

I quoted from ‘Dawn’; the PCB said it was considering the option of boycotting the event. A final decision is expected within the next few days.

It is right decision of PCB to boycott the ICC awards ceremony for not providing judicial decision about Pakistani cricketer Saeed Ajmal. It is really sorrowful not to reward Pakistanis for which they deserve.