Flood in Pakistan

- Pakistani

A range of continuous raining has started in Pakistan from the last week. Rivers raised in the cities with a huge water flow in the shape of flood.

The flood water has caused a huge disaster in different areas of Pakistan with the loss of lives and properties. Flood especially affected Punjab and adjoining areas of Baluchistan.

Flashing flood damaged crops. Thousands of people are homeless as their homes collapsed due to heavy rainfall.

From Punjab, flood water has now moved on to Sindh with the fear of destruction in that region as well as in some areas of Baluchistan.

Rainwater washed away mounds (that are for stopping water flow) of canals, in different areas of Pakistan.

I quoted from ‘Dawn’; the worst-hit was southern Punjab’s Khanpur town. It received 199mm of rain. Its average rainfall for the month is just 14.6mm. Rain in the town caused urban flooding and damaged crops, especially of cotton. Damage to mango plants was also reported.

Heavy rainfall with widespread thunderstorm in different areas of Pakistan, was forecasted.

In flood affected areas power supply is disrupted and the road network is also badly affected. Subsidies are going to be provided to flood affected victims.

Almost every year Pakistanis have to face flood disaster. Flood water ruins a lot of areas of Pakistan. Some people lose their lives and some lose their properties.

The Provincial Disaster Management Authority should apply effective techniques to control water flow to enter that causes devastation. The affected people should be provided help with loyalty.

Mostly in Pakistan affected people are not being subsidised properly.