Annie Khalid Got Married with Malik Noureed Awan

- Pakistani

Annie Khalid is a famous Pakistani Pop Singer. She got married to a Dubai based Pakistani Malik Noureed Awan, who is running a large business.

They celebrated their ‘Nikkah’ ceremony before Ramadan and now a wedding function was going to be held on Saturday, 1st September that is traditionally called Rukhsati.

This wedding function was held in Lahore.  In Punjab, especially in Lahore, there is a law that every marriage ceremony should be finished off before 10 Pm.

On wedding day the bride Annie Khalid fell ill at last time and she came back for her wedding ceremony a little bit late.
Their function was not finished till Lahore District Government Officials came there and forcefully tried to close the ceremony event.

Lahore District Government Officials tried to arrest the groom Malik Noureed Awan for disobeying the rules of District Government.

According to Geo news, there had been a fight between Lahore District Government Officials and the relatives of the groom Malik Noureed Awan.