Dr Shaista Lodhi Got Divorce From Waqar Wahidi

- Pakistani

Dr Shaista Lodhi started her career as a radio anchor then she became a news anchor at a private TV Channel.
Dr Shaista Lodhi was the host of the Good Morning Pakistan television show on Ary Digital. She used to debate on various Pakistani issues.
She hosted the TV show Uth Jao Pakistan on Geo TV. She got two awards.

• Dalda Expert Mom  (2009)
• Pakistan Media Awards for Best Anchor (2010)

She is a medical doctor by profession. Her brother Sahir Lodhi is also a television presenter.

Dr. Shaista Lodhi was married with Waqar Wahidi during her studies and they both gave birth to three kids, Shafay, Faiz and Eeman.

There were some clashes between both of the partners. Last year Dr Shaista Lodhi went to holidays with her children and her husband was not with them.

Finally Dr. Shaista Lodhi signed the divorce papers against her husband and shifted to a new apartment. This incident made her anxious and depressed and she could not continue hosting of the TV show Utho Jago Pakistan on Geo TV.
Now she calls herself DR Shaista Lodhi rather than DR Shaista Wahidi.

Money is not the matter of happiness in life. May Allah make her life peaceful with her children.

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